Upcoming Toyota Fortuner 2015

toyota fortuner new design 2015
Toyota Fortuner is a car product of Toyota automobile company. The production of Toyota Fortuner was begin in 2005 and quickly draw attentions. This car itself is classified as mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) car was originally only in Thailand but then spread to other countries in Asia and South America region. This success of this SUV is proven by the numbers of countries to build this car including Indonesia, Argentina and India. This car was the bestselling car in category SUV in Thailand but sadly this car doesn’t get much attention Europe, North America and Australia.  The 2015 Toyota Fortuner itself will focus in Asia market.

The 2015 Toyota Fortuner initially based on Toyota Hilux that was launched at 2004, semi-truck SUV car. Toyota Fortuner also considered as a family car with four doors and three rows of passengers seats. This car is very good both in off road and on road drive. This car is very reliable as a cross provinces or even cross countries trips. Large space inside the car provides comfort for people in it. Along with Hilux Surf, 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado, this car has become a hit in different regions and countries all around the world.

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Toyota Fortuner in general also known as Toyota SW4. All of Toyota Fortuner products has front engine with an options of rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. The options are made to comply the buyers demand and also to make the cars have variant options. Of course, every generation of Toyota Fortuner is different. They keep developing and adopting the market demand and competition. Today, 2015 Toyota Fortuner not only offering the monster look equipped with massive engine but also safety and entertainment. The idea is one, to make the passengers enjoying their trip along the way.

As a newest car from Toyota automobile company, this 2015 Toyota Fortuner will be focus to be sold in Asia regions. This marketing strategy is taken because this SUV has a very few interest from North America and Europe market. The company executives claim that the new SUV will be very different from its predecessor. With a lot of changes both in exterior and interior of the car including improvements of the engine power, this car surely will become a new star among the other SUV cars. Although the launching time of this car is not official yet, but many viewers see this car has a potential to be a hit.

From the outside, the 2015 Toyota Fortuner is equipped with 17 inch wheels, taller in height and also a few inches wider from the 2013 Toyota Fortuner, the front bumper made from steel which can’t rust, build in front fog light in the new design front bumper. There are plenty of body color options including red, white, black and grey. The engine will be available in three options. The first is 3.0 liter engine that can generate 163 horsepower. The second option is quite smaller, 2.7 liter with 160 horsepower in output. The last option is 2.5 liter with 140 horsepower. The transmission system is available in two options; manual and automatic gear box that the future buyer can choose.

toyota fortuner new design 2015

When we look to the inside of this car, there are a total changes compared to the previous car. It is obviously shown that Toyota try to change the theme in this 2015 Toyota Fortuner from a formal and strict design into a casual, fun and friendly design that will bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the passengers. The interior is focus on black and red color. Space between seat row also increase followed but the distance between seat and the top which provides greater space for the heads.

The enhancements of 2015 Toyota Fortuner also come in the entertainment technologies. The bluetooth technology has improves to bring more efficient connection to the car itself. The car also provides with touch screen as the entertainments such as music, TV and video and also as navigation system of the car. The latest improvement comes by the rear view camera as an addition assistant to the driver. Some additional features also come including hill climb assist, steering damper and lane departure warning. All of those addition features are available in request.          

Overall, this new 2015 Toyota Fortuner is very awesome. However, it is not good yet if there is no insurance for the car. There are many insurance manufacturers offer any insurance. However, most of the insurance manufacturers offer similar insurance program which is used to save the car from any unwanted accidents. For the latest fortuner, it is better to pick car insurance to protect it from any accidents especially, car crash which can be happened anytime and anywhere. Hence, self reliance toward car’s safety is really important by giving car insurance to your car.

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