Tips to Donate a Car in US

We can’t live without other people. We always need to get help from other people and that is why when we can help other people we need to do all things that we can do. There are some ways to help other people. For all of you who living in US and you really want to help other people or use your money for charity program, you can try to donate a car. There are some many people who finally donate their car for charity programs and it is non-profit program. It means you will never think and hope to get your money back. Some people think that when they donate their car, they will pass difficult process. Is it right? Actually doing car donation is very simple.  You just need to call the charity and then you need to wait someone to pick up your vehicle. Because of this simple way, there are some people who try to get benefits from this program. You must avoid people with wrong purpose. That is why you need to read guide to donate your car before you do car donation.

First you need to research the charity you plan to donate a car to. It is simple to search all information via online in this modern time.

Second, you can get a tax benefit for the donation and you need to check it first.

Third, before you do car donation, you need to check the value of the car.

Fourth, you need to ask the donor about all things.

Most people are confused in doing car donation. They don’t know best car to be donated in charity program. If you feel the same experience, you need to read information below.

You are free to donate your old car but you need to ensure that car has value. You can donate some of vehicles that you have such as truck, boat, car, RV, motorcycle, van, and some other types of vehicles. Some donate for charity programs also accept real estate to donate. Before you donate your car, it is important to check the requirements. You can donate all brands of car, boat, truck, RV or motorcycle such as Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, and some other brands of car as far as the condition is good and suitable with the condition in California or other areas. You also need to check the mileage, make, model of your vehicle, vehicle identification number and some other things. You need to write address where people can pick up your vehicle.


Most people usually will donate old car because they have more than one car in their home but we can also find people who donate their new car. It is good to donate your new car and you can donate more money from your car. When you search some car donation organizations, there are some of organizations that are ready to accept all conditions of car even not running car. You better think twice to keep your old and not running car at your garage. You better give your old car to the donate organization and you will get benefits because you have already helped other people with your old car. You never need to repair your car because what you need to do is just calling people and then wait for them in picking your old car at your home. They will give you further information in fast time. You never need to wait for long time again. It is time for you to donate your car and help other people in some charity programs. For all of you who want to donate a car and learn more about some reliable car donation organizations, you can search in some sites now.

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