Suzuki iv-4 Concept and Review

suzuki iv 4 uscita

Suzuki as one of the big automotive companies always does the research and develops the technology for their cars as the demand of the market. In this recent day, Suzuki has introduced the new model of SUV called with Suzuki IV-4. Based on the spy photographers’ information, they have captured the first image or look of this SUV car. At the auto show of 2013 Frankfurt, this car was showed. From the first glance it seems that Suzuki right now has the plan to go and expand to the crossover or SUV car.

Suzuki IV-4-4 is a new model of Suzuki SUV car generation. This Suzuki SUV car will take the place between Grand Vitara that looks old and the smaller SUV, Jimny. Suzuki said that this elegant and futuristic SUV is as the answer of Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. From the appearance or the exterior and interior design including the feature inside and other specifications that we will tell you, this Suzuki has two ideas or trends. They are small SUV car that is customizable and also trendy urban crossover.

suzuki iv-4 compact suv india

From the design, this Suzuki IV-4 is a futuristic SUV car by Suzuki that offers a comfort and technology inside. Let’s start with the design both interior and exterior design. For the exterior design, it looks very futuristic. You can see the smooth line of the body, the futuristic touches of the headlamp or lighting that uses LED lighting, the rear bumper, the hood, and sure the rim design that will be the ‘gut’ to the competitors. The modern blue color will really add the futuristic accents.

At the interior design of Suzuki IV-4, you will see many entertainment features are installed to lose the boring time. Just like other modern car there are Bluetooth connection, music, video, touch screen technology and many more. From the seat, the set or chairs are covered with comfortable leather that has been perfected with the fine quality. The cabin that is more comfortable. Sure, it can be said that the interior is roomy. It can accommodate more than four adult people.

For the engine technology, this Suzuki IV-4 is installed with inline-4 engine type. This engine can produce 150 horsepower. It is also perfected with 2.0 liter and four cylinders. For the top speed, it can reach 136 mph. Unfortunately the price and the date release has not confirmed yet officially. But it is assumed at late of this year by the price around the £11,500. If you love this car and planning to buy, many companies will offer you car insurance as they say, you need a protection. (wb)

suzuki iv 4 uscita
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