Subaru Forester 2015 Review

subaru forester 2015 canada

Subaru Forester 2015 seems to know well the needs of the customers. This year, this car will be released officially. And on this Subaru Forester 2015 review you will get some important information about this car detail both the price and specification. And for sure, this car is designed well as an SUV car. Indeed, Subaru always creates the cool design and strong power of the car that will make the customers get attracted. It is not a big deal actually with the specification of the car that will be such below;

Subaru Forester 2015 has nice design for the interior and also exterior. Just like you see the picture of the car, the exterior design may be not as cool as the other SUV. It is such the car has a dull idea for the exterior. It is not so different with the previous generation of Subaru. It doesn’t look such a modern car. But don’t worry about the interior design. This car has a roomy space, nice cargo and cabin for the driver room. The seats are also covered well with the fine leather as the standard. The features are also not so different with others such LED screen, music or MP3, video or MP4 and more.

2015 subaru forester turbo

Subaru Forester 2015 may look dull and not in the interesting list one but sure, this is because the car is the cheapest car on the class, therefore there are not as many as the expensive one both the design and also the features. This is the right choice for you who have a tight budget. This car is priced at $22,195. This is really cheap, isn’t it?

Then what about the power? In this Subaru Forester 2015 review, this Subaru Forester 2015 has 2.5 liter with the 6 speed manual as the standard for every car. It has 170 horsepower and for the turbo-charge, it can be 250 horsepower. This is not so bad remembering the price that is very cheap for the SUV class with the roomy space and the strong power.

2015 subaru forester canada

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