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2016 Opel Corsa OPC Review

otomatik vites opel corsa

There will be tons of hatchback cars that will be released in future like, 2016 Opel Corsa OPC. It is another type of Opel Corsa that is different than its original version. There are some differences that are found...

2015 Opel Adam S Specs and Price

2015 Opel Adam S specs

If you want to get elegant car, you can buy a car from Opel. Back in 1999, Opel built Opel Tigra and modified into Tigra Ice Race Car. This car is unique because the base design of this car...

2014 Opel Meriva

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The 2014 Opel Meriva is a standout amongst the best little hybrid for the German auto maker . With the presentation of the second era in 2010 , deals blasted in 2012 was sold in record 127.439 vehicles ,...