2016 Acura RDX Preview

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2016 Acura RDX may become one of the newest car edition by Acura that should be awaited by those who are the lovers of premium crossover SUV car. the name of RDX series by Acura cannot be underestimated then since it becomes one of the best car products by this Honda’s premium car division. Although having great predicate for its class, Acura seems not to be satisfied on as the more competitive competition on this class recently. Considering that this class is getting tighter in competition, Acura plans to renew their RDX series with the newest edition.

The newest edition of RDX series in which is reported to be named as 2016 Acura RDX is rumored to bring some improvements. Exterior side becomes one of the most interesting parts to be discussed on this newest RDX edition by Acura. According to some reports, this part is going to have some improvements especially in styling in which some parts are reported to be redesigned for making it looks better. The most obvious change is able to be found by you on its front side in which headlights and grille are reported to be restyled by manufacturer. In addition, overall bodywork will be made with better aerodynamic design.

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It is not only for exterior side, but, rumors also mentioned that Acura will improve this new 2016 Acura RDX as for the interior or cabin side of this car. as for styling, although being reported to retain its natural premium interior design, but, some parts of this side are rumored to be given minor revisions. Besides its styling, the interior side of this new RDX edition by Acura is going to have some improvements on features and technology. Unluckily, those improvements on features and technologies are rumored to be only able to be found by you for the mid to high top trim of this new RDX edition.

As for enginery, this new Acura RDX edition is reported to stay using the same power source as its predecessor that is a 3.5 liter V6 engine under its hood. However, this engine is reported to be advanced by Acura in which is being able to boost its maximum power that is up to 285 horsepower or higher 6 horsepower than the current model. As for pricing, the car in which is reported to come around this 2015 is being sold starting from $35,300. Considering 2016 Acura RDX belongs to the kind of premium car product, it is a must for you to give it maximum protection such as through trusting on Nationwide.

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