2015 VW Golf Review

2015 vw golf 3 door
2015 VW Golf is the most powerful car produced by Golf. Even it is in the first list of the car that is ever made by Golf with the powerful performance. At the first time, the debut of this car was from Detroit. Detroit is one of the places that an automotive world like Volkswagen has shown and prepared to the newest model in the next year by 2015. This car, as a Golf’s next generation is hoped and claimed to become the competitors with Subaru STI. More, in this VW, there is new refreshment that is coming up from the lineup of VW.

2015 VW Golf will be the star in Detroit. It is because this VW will be noticed as the main star because of the design and performance. This is in line with Golf that has been focused on the performance that is the combination of sophistication and quality. So, this VW can be as a legendary car in its class and generation. And this new model of VW is also claimed will be as the standard of the tradition powerful car by Golf. Then what about the car specification?

2015 vw golf pre order

Let’s go to the redesign model of this 2015 VW Golf. This VW is going to be produced under the Golf platform. Sure, in this new model there are features and improvements that have been applied for the best performance. You will see that the system of stability control has been improved to be better as you can feel it when you are driving this car. The variable-ratio of steering is also more progressive and also the optional DDC of dynamic chassis of the suspension looks much better that can be adjusted with the dampers.

Inside the 2015 VW Golf, there will be an option of the driving profile. The driver can choose the profile for Comfort, Sport mode or Sport and Normal. All of them will give a different experience in driving. VW Golf is also lower by the body of GTI with 0.2 inch. The disc brakes that is ventilated will be also upgraded and the calipers will be applied the black logo of ‘R’. Outside of this VW, the wheels will be 18 inches type. The air intakes for front, is also larger and the chrome door will take the good scene. And the LED headlamp will make it just perfect and cool.

The cabin of this 2015 VW Golf has comfortable seat that is perfected with the multi-sport of leather design. It looks luxurious and it will indulge the driver by a trim that is installed by the carbon touches and the pedals that is made of stainless steel. There are more displays in the cabin to bring the driver with a new experience. The more features for entertaining the passengers are as the standard where they are modern and stylish. Both the driver and the passengers can feel the differences.

2015 vw golf wagon canada

What about the engine of 2015 VW Golf? If you want see the high performance of this VW, let’s take a look at the engine. As it is claimed that this VW is much better and more powerful than the last models, this VW has more hp for 34 than the previous car with the same model where it can produce 209 horsepower. This then bring this VW into the same range of Subaru WRX and also Mitsubishi Evo WTI. The turbo-charge of 2.0 liter and 4-cylinders will bring the car looks stronger. It can have the sprint for 0-60 just in 4.9 seconds.

2015 VW Golf will have the debut in Detroit or New York Auto Show. This is so predicted that this car will be released on 2015.  But the rumors also say it will be officially on the market by 2016. For the price, it is said for around $40,000. And usually the buyers will be asked also for about the car insurance as the protection and the investment.

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