2015 Toyota Corolla Specs and Release Date

2015 toyota corolla changes
With the start of New Year coming then new car project also come from Toyota brand. Next year Toyota will ready to compete in car industry with 2015 Toyota Corolla and many people positively wait for this good news especially for Toyota brand lover. For those who expect sharp design for their sedan car then the new Corolla can satisfy your need with sharper design, quieter cabin, and sporty design plus small car sizes but still comfortable space for the driver and the passenger. If we can compare the new Toyota Corolla with last year design we will get more appealing look since the new car have Iconic Dynamism for the main design.

What best from 2015 Toyota Corolla is their safety system which makes people to be much comfortable and feel safe when they ride the car. They have good crash test rating which people like to expect and they add extra eight air bags to prevent the crash. Not only that, the extra air bag come with cushion bag for front passenger also side knee bag for the driver. For the front and back passenger it also has side curtain bag. Therefore what do you expect for more with all this complete safety system? Another safety system in this car is new anti lock brakes and electronic stability control.

2015 toyota corolla for sale

People who have low budget to purchase new car can expect to buy Toyota Corolla since this car have cheap price. The price is about sixteen thousand dollars to twenty two dollars. With five passenger capacity and four doors you can get this new and excellent car with low price. You can choose silver color for your new Toyota Corolla and the new sporty style can make this sedan car just like real sport car.  The car has longer wheel base about three inches longer if we compare it with last year model.

Car insurance is what you need to think after you purchase new 2015 Toyota Corolla. If your new car gets some damage or crash then you can get a free charge to fix the car and make it look like new again. What worst is when you lose your car because someone stole it and with insurance you will not get any loss since they will pay you for the new car. One example for America car insurance is come from Auto Insurance America. This insurance company offers car insurance in New Mexico area, Arizona area, and Nevada area.

2015 toyota corolla brochure

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