2015 Subaru Legacy Specs and Review

2015 subaru legacy coupe
2015 Subaru Legacy is redesigned by the name of all-new Legacy. Just by the name we have understood that the car has a compelling blend of the design that is standout, the interior is refined, the safety technology is improved and the fuel efficiency is higher. All of them are designed well as the mix of quality, technology and the safety. This is what makes this Sedan car looks very different from the previous model. Even, it is predicted to get more buyers attracted by the roomy interior design and size.

2015 Subaru Legacy has installed a new system of the safety. There is a rear camera that is installed closer at the center. This is made to get a natural imaging. There is also a new sensor at the airbag; there is a welcome lighting for the nighttime security. It will turn on automatically when the sensor catches a person. Even the exterior lighting will turned too. It will be perfected also with the system of Keyless Access and the Start system.  There are more than them as the safety technology.

2015 subaru legacy 3.6 0-60

Let’s go to the more specification from this 2015 Subaru Legacy. As it is said before, this car will be extended. It is true, in this new model, Legacy looks roomier inside. This will bring a comfortable seating access for the passengers. The cabin is bigger and do not forget about the infotainment features that are all new here. You are guaranteed to have a new experience in driving when you have get inside and enjoy the new technology of the safety and entertainment.

The exterior design is also well-refined. As you will see the fresh look in the rear and front of 2015 Subaru Legacy can be seen from any direction. Rear and front bumper is improved and impressed. It will just make the car looks sporty and stylish. The front headlamp by new LED style makes it more beautiful. The wheels material and the paint type of the body can make it even smoother. The new line of the body looks softer too. The head roof will be styled with a new look.

Then what about the new specification of the engine 2015 Subaru Legacy? Legacy will be powered with BOXER engine by 2.5 liter by DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) that can produce 175 horsepower. It is stronger than the previous model that is just 173 hp. This will run even more impressive. It also offers a quite ride. Yup, by the new windshield design and the engine system with liquid-filled, can make the cur runs smoother and quieter. So the car can be more comfortable even for the long trip.

nouvelle subaru legacy 2015

2015 Subaru Legacy is the combination between a comfort, safety, stylish and sporty accents. It is because just from the interior technology you will feel it is even much better than other car sedan. The safety system looks more dominant in this new model. The new experience of driving is also offered by the new design of the body. There is also a radar to catch the mistake of the car when it is has something missing. So, this is also good for the businessman and family.

It is said that this 2015 Subaru Legacy will be priced at the starting from $26,000. Sure, this is the big deal by the system, redesigned and refined model of Legacy by the advanced technology for the safety and many more. This new model of Legacy will be on the market by this year, 2014. And if you are looking for the car you will be offered by the program of car insurance in the name of protection and investment. You must know this well.

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