2015 Mini Cooper 5 Door

2015 Mini Cooper 5-door price
2015 Mini Cooper 5-door is the extended car design of new MINI. This is the first model of the history of MINI to have the more amazing and sophisticated design. As the manufacturers say that this Mini Cooper as the latest generation, Cooper has combines three instruments. They are a fun driving, a character that is distinctive and sure the refinement of the previous model, third generation. Therefore, between the exterior design and the interior appearance will have much different that will be seen as follows;

Let’s talk about the exterior design of 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door. The exterior design has the characteristic of a small car with premium touches that is today, at the new body, it looks wider and roomy. By the combination of unique shape and clean touches of the roof line and the rear section that will draw an attention for everyone who sees this car. The head room has been improved and extended. So, although the tribute of this Mini Cooper is coming from the historical roots, in this new concept and specification it even comes with the contemporary style.

2015 Mini Cooper 5-door interior

By every line of the body size, the 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door has a wider and longer size than 3-door type. Actually, just looking at the body at glance, the differences of the size can be seen. Do not forget about the rear and front bumper that is impressive in this 5-door type. There are also the touches of   LED lamp at the headlamp and other areas that just make this Mini Cooper looks unique, cute and stylish. Sure, the exterior design and the concept are much fresher than the 3-door types.

Then what about the interior design? 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door comes with the more comfortable concept. It is reported that the car has been completed by the display scene that looks more innovative and responsive. Inside the car, you will see a precise line and the premium leather seats. For the cabin, it still has the touches of the classic design. The buyers also will see a horizontal structure for the cockpit. The elliptical contours at the central features will give a different experience in driving this Mini Cooper.

Surely, the new model of this 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door will come with the more comfortable and interesting infotainment features inside. Yup, these features are just as the standard for having a nice driving. But sure, the secure program and system inside has been completed by the advance technology. So, the buyers or passengers can also have a nice driving although for the longer trip. Furthermore, for the engine power that looks stronger, more powerful and has a better performance.

picture of 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door

For the engine, this 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door will be perfected and strengthened with the power of 192 horsepower from 2.0 liter and 4 cylinders. This can bring Mini Cooper at the maximum torque with 280 Nm of 1,250 rpm. There will be an overboost system that can burn this car into 300 Nm. Sure it can run onto 100 km/h for just about 6.8-6.9 seconds. This is fantastic right?

This 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door will be released on the fall of this year, 2014 by the price of $1,200 higher than the previous or other standard models. It will be started above the price of $20,700. And as the standard offering by the company, there will be a car insurance program that the buyers will need to protect the car or just to invest the money. You have known even your country may have the law about the car insurance that tell your for every registered car should have the car insurance program.

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2015 Mini Cooper 5-door price2015 Mini Cooper 5-door photopicture of 2015 Mini Cooper 5-door2015 Mini Cooper 5-door interior
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