2015 McLaren 650S Spider Price

2015 mclaren 650s spider specs
2015 McLaren 650S Spider is a newcomer to the class super car, this car is a merger between the spider and coupe models. At first glance you might think that the car was entered into the model coupe, especially if you see the front and rear of the car. Both parts illustrate these very coupe models, even quite far from the impression of a spider which is the original model of the car. Viewing McLaren 650S gets ahead you will see a pair of headlights that have a very attractive shape.

LED lights in 2015 McLaren 650S Spider supply are capable of providing enough light when used to drive at night. The impression given by both these lamps also quite amazing, if you are dealing with this car as you is dealing with a snake stalking its prey. This will add an elegant impression on McLaren 650S, they are dealing directly with the car will feel shaky imagine what it can do. Characteristic of spider car that does not have a roof making it look elegant when compared with other car Coupe.

2015 mclaren 650s spider price

On the back of the 2015 McLaren 650S Spider you will also find a spoiler, and also a pair of large exhaust. Both of these objects further strengthen the impression that McLaren 650S is a car that is capable of driving at high speed. Wheel size used is also quite wide; this car is available in two series, namely the use of alloy wheels measuring 19 and 20 inches. Also special tires used, the car is equipped with a tire that is designed specifically to bind the wheels.

Looking into the interior of the 2015 McLaren 650S Spider, you will find a car that is very similar to the formula one racing car. The car body, made ​​using carbon fiber materials are wrapped by using layers of skin, making it look elegant at the same time remaining lightweight. Another advantage possessed by this car lies on its roof that is easily opened and closed, according to the needs of the driver. Roof was opened and closed automatically, allowing you when having to drive on the frequently changing weather.

You will also find some standard navigation device on the dashboard 2015 McLaren 650S Spider. Complete GPS equipment with screens that provide information about the route to be taken by the driver. In addition, this car is also equipped with a standard device to determine the speed of the car, and the engine speed is going on. Some of these devices it is mandatory to be possessed by a car, especially for a super car..

2015 mclaren 650s spider specs

Machines owned by 2015McLaren 650S Spider is quite unique, you will find the exact same engine under the bonnet embedded in the McLaren series coupe. V8 engine with the capacity about 3.8 liter is able to producing considerable power which is about 640 horsepower. This car uses rear-wheel drive that uses a 7-speed system that is able to make it go with a lighter.

However the maximum speed that can be achieved by 2015 McLaren 650S Spider was still less when compared with the coupe version. However, speed is not quite satisfactory when compared with the other super car. The price you must pay to bring home the car is also quite impressive; given the estimated selling price is around 280,225 U.S. dollars. This car still has the very high price, so that you must be careful when you will park in the parking lot. You can register this car to the insurance company so that they can guarantee for every risk that may be happen to this car. It can make you fell calm when parking in public parking area.

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2015 mclaren 650s spider specs2015 mclaren 650s spider for sale2015 mclaren 650s spider price
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