2015 McLaren 650s Reviews

2015 mclaren 650s spider
As sport car producer, McLaren has launched a great sport car in this year. As the biggest car company in the world, company that came from Germany try to show them existence by launched this series. They named it as McLaren 650s. This series has great appearances that will satisfy your hobby. There are some variants and also specifications that you have to understand about this car. This article is going to share some information about 2015 McLaren 650s reviews to help you to get some information about this car.

The Engine of 2015 McLaren 650s Reviews

2015 mclaren 650s spider

The first point of 2015 McLaren 650s reviews is about its general information. McLaren 650s becomes favorite information that waited by many sport car lovers. This sport car has great engine to make you imagine yourself as race driver. This car has supported with engine V8 3.800 CC with twin turbo. By applying this engine, this sport car has 650 Horse Power (HP). So that’s why this car has 650 in this name. This engine will make you touch 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 8 seconds. Is it the end? This car will touch 300 km/h in 25 seconds.  This car has top speed in 333 km/h.

2015 McLaren 650s Reviews Fuel Economy

Many sport car lovers say that this car has efficient technology of engine in using the gasoline. The next point of 2015 McLaren 650s reviews is about McLaren 650s’ efficient fuel usage which only needs 1 liter for each 8.5 km. this car is also has another advantage in gas emission. This car is only produced 275 g/km.

2015 mclaren 650s coupe

Exterior and Interior of 2015 McLaren 650s Reviews

There is no need to satisfy yet, since the last point of 2015 McLaren 650s reviews will explain the sexy appearance of McLaren 650s.  McLaren 650s not only have great engine, but also nice interior and also exterior design. 650 have slim exterior design with low front bumper to support their aero dynamic design. Front and rear lamp has slim appearance to support their sport car theme. Interior that has two seats make it sportier. This car itself has launched in Geneva 21 March 2014 with £ 195.250 to satisfy your sport car collection hobby.

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