2015 Lincoln MKC Price and Specs

2015 lincoln mkc engine
At the Detroit auto show, 2015 Lincoln MKC will be expected as the concept and design that will surprise every buyer. The sleek appearance has been the dominant style from MKC. Yup, the body designs both interior and exterior presentation. This MKC is targeted to become the bestselling car at the year when it is announced on the market. In this model and the future concept, MKC will combine the experiences, stunning, interior and exterior bespoke and with the newest and advanced technology. Sure, there will be more eyes get attracted to this awesome car.

Let’s see the exterior design from 2015 Lincoln MKC. Still by the concept of the previous model, MKC will have a wonderful stance that is perfected with the wheels presentation. The differences with the previous model are that this MKC has been redesigned, refreshed, and sure by the up-to-date idea it comes with the refined design. This is what makes MKC different with MKZ or MKX. The strong and muscle accents are still appeared by every inch of the line of the body.

2015 lincoln mkc engine

Yup, stylish and strong appearance is still being the character of 2015 Lincoln MKC. You will see also the exterior design that looks softer and smoother from the line of the front to the back side. Just like what you will see from the rear and front bumper that has been impressed. The headlamp that is styled with LED will just make the face look sharper and stronger. Do not forget about the wheels size that is always being an attention. It comes with 20-inch premium of wheels that are polished by chrome rim.

You will get amazed too when you see the inside room of 2015 Lincoln MKC. Still taking the passengers for 4, MKC has a significant change for the interior. The changes that look significant are from the style and materials. By the style that oriented to the fashion and the materials that are mixed with the progressive touches and rich color options, it just makes MKC much better. So, there will be a more comfortable feeling by the passengers when they are inside this car.

You also cannot ignore the presentation of the seats and features inside of 2015 Lincoln MKC. The more sophisticated features like the infotainment and security system can be the good idea to be enjoyed. The cabin room is refined too. It looks more comfortable. The leather that is covered the seats also designed with the premium material that looks sporty and stylish. The four seats are also look has been extended for more comfortable driving experience. This is beautiful.

2015 lincoln mkc specifications

Let’s take a look to the engine. 2015 Lincoln MKC specification for the engine will be installed with twin-scroll of turbocharger and three-port of IEM (Integrated Exhaust Manifold). By the 2.3 liter with EcoBoost system and 4 cylinders, this MKC can produce the best horsepower in his class by 275 horsepower or 205 kW at the 5,500 rpm. For the 300 lb-ft or 407 Nm, it will be at 3,000 rpm. This is what the data has said about the performance of this MKC with the newest technology.

2015 Lincoln MKC will be priced at beginning of $33,900 and more. And it is predicted will be going on the market by the late of this year or the middle of 2015. Sure, it has been rumored be fall of 2015. Now we just wait from the company to announce MKC officially. When you are going to drive this new MKC there will be an offering from the company to join with the program of car insurance. Many people have joined and you have known it well between the usage and benefits of joining car insurance. (wb)

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