2015 Honda Odyssey Specs

2015 honda odyssey awd
2015 Honda Odyssey is the fifth model and generation in the minivan car type. It seems Honda answers the quest from its competitors, Nissan Quest, Chrysler Town and Nation and Toyota Sienna. Actually, the platform has been seen by the name of Jade when it comes to Shanghai. Odyssey is a minivan car that has big refreshment by Honda. Honda is one of the best automotive companies that always come with the surprise from the serious research and experiment by every release. Odyssey has worn a lot of new changes that Honda created as the comfortable minivan.

There are 3 trim of levels from 2015 Honda Odyssey. They are EX-L, LKS and EX. All of them have a little different from the specifications, features and designs. Colorful models come from Odyssey to attract the buyers. It is 7 colors for the exterior and it can be added and 2 colors as the interior design. The news says that this Honda Odyssey will be restyled with the numerous attributes. So, between the security and the comfortable feeling will be kept well. Just like Honda always states that security is in the first criteria in designing a new car.

2015 honda odyssey awd

Let’s get inside of this 2015 Honda Odyssey. As the minivan model car, Odyssey can accommodate for 7 two 8 passengers. Sure, there will be roomier accents although for 8 persons inside. It is because the engaging of driving expertise and versatility has been improved by an automobile system. So, just like not has been expected at all, all of the area of the passengers will be designed with more spaces including the cabin that is wider and spacious. That can bring the buyers into a comfortable driving experience.

Do not forget about the exterior design from 2015 Honda Odyssey. Odyssey has a nice look in this new appearance. Although the concept is not so different with the previous exterior design, it still has the beauty. It looks wider and the colorful options will attract more people. It is fresher by the ideas of the headlamp of LED and the design of rear and front bumper that has been extended. So, just like you see the exterior body, it is smooth and soft from the clean and stylish line.

By the new grille of the headlights, the exterior presentation from 2015 Honda Odyssey will look refreshed. There will be also more curve lines. It brings another touch. Yup, although the designer has been focused on the extended model for the interior design so the passengers still have the spaces when they are inside, it doesn’t mean the exterior design will change so much especially for the face. It is just impressed and refreshed by some touches for every lab of the body.

2015 honda odyssey awd

Let’s take a look the specification of the engine from 2015 Honda Odyssey. When you want to know about the power and performance of this Odyssey it can be seen from the engine. Sure, between the features and designs you have known well like above concept. At the power source, Odyssey will come with 5 liter of V6 engine. It will produce 250 horsepower and torque for 250 lb-ft. as the speed performance 0-60 at 8 seconds. This is a very good level as the large minivan like Odyssey.

For the date release of this 2015 Honda Odyssey. It is reported that the car will be relapsed in the late of this year or the middle of 2015. There has no a confirmed information. So does the price. Although it is not yet officially announced, it is predicted by the price of $28,000 and $45,000. It depends on the trim that is chosen. This is a great car that needs a protection. Just like usual, when the buyers drive this car, there will be an offering to join the car insurance program as the protection and investment from the unexpected risk.

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