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2015 GMC Canyon is a unique and new car that is going to be developed to be released in the 2015. This new pick-up car is one of the latest developments that will be installed with numerous kinds of features from the latest tech features inside the cockpit of the car to the stylish body design that incorporates both interior and exterior design. Additionally, this pick-up car wills also utilizing new engines that are very powerful and can produce a high horsepower as well high torque that capable to be used in off road condition. In this article we will describe some of the best and unique features offered by this car.

2015 GMC Canyon first features is the exterior design that offers a strong and menacing looks due to the huge front grille and rectangle shaped headlamp. The strong and unique front grille making this car looks much more unique and distinct that the general pick-up car these days that focused more on making the car looks stylish. The body exterior of this pick-up car make this car looks bulkier than the ordinary pick-up car, however, the bulky design does not make the car looks bland but it makes the car looks more interesting and menacing which is suitable for the image of strong pick-up cars.

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2015 GMC Canyon second features and distinct appeal are located on the interior design. Unlike many pick-up car that offer standard and bland interior design. GMC Canyon design its interior design too looks comfy and luxurious at the same time making this car have a plus point in the interior design. The most interesting features from the interior design are that this car offers a quiet cabin with comfortable stain resistant seat cloth for maximum comfort. Additionally there are several tech features in the cockpit such as center console, charging ports with 4 USB ports that can be used for different kinds of purpose.

For the engine, this GMC Canyon are using V6 engine with 3,6 L performance which is considered the best on its categories. This engine can produce for up to 305 HP at its peak. For alternatives there is the second engine selection which is the 2,5 L engine with 4 cylinder specification. Both of the engines are supported with 6 speed manual transmission system and direct injection feature. This car is priced for approximately $21.000. for people who are own this car needs to be sure that they have the right insurance because it will give you great advantages one of the best insurance companies that we can use to protect 2015 GMC Canyon is the Frizzel insurance companies.


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