2015 Dodge Journey Redesign Comes New with Old Model


Looking for the best car this year, you will find 2015 Dodge Journey Redesign which will offer you with new features and design that make it a brand new car that inspired most by its previous design. It is the car that comes from the company which is known to have quite tough financial situation. It is why you will not find quite significant new design on the latest product of this auto company. It is why you are going to find in this 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad.

More on the Exterior and Interior

Talking about those details outside and inside of 2015 Dodge Journey Redesign, you will find that there will be quite similar detail to the previous version added to this version of Dodge. The exterior will be quite similar to the previous version since the former Dodge Journey’s exterior hasn’t been changed since 2008. However, you will have it a new appearance with its new mask that makes it look gorgeous. Furthermore, it has also 19-inch wheel with chrome strips on each side of this car.


You will also find that 2015 Dodge Journey Redesign comes with modifications in its new pain and leather seats inside. Yet, the modification will not be too significant since this car is already considered as the one with the best interior. This is the reason why you will not find any improvement for the interior that you will likely meet January 2015.

Outdated Engine for Low Price

It will not be a surprising that what you will find in this 2015 Dodge Journey Redesign will be a standard 2.4L engine which will give you 173 HP. This is due to the consideration that better specs that might be given to the engine will only make it unaffordable. It might be the one that make the worry about their new car to be not competitive. Furthermore, you will also have a four-speed automatic transmission for it for those specs above and also six-speed automatic transmission for the 3.6L Pentastar.



Those specs on the engine and the overall details of this car make it worth it for about $26,000 which will still need you to get more car insurance to ensure you get the best assurance that you will always have your car protected. Though it might not be one with the best features offered in a crossroad, it is one that needs insurance since 2015 Dodge Journey Redesign comes with the best quality in its class.



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