2015 Buick Riviera Concept

2015 buick riviera concept
Looking at this 2015 Buick Riviera Concept, you will see that it will be one that comes with future design of hybrid car. This is the car that will be equipped with the latest technology for its features with hybrid engine that provide you with new experience of driving. Since it is designed by joint venture of PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center), you will find that this project seems to be real project that will give you specific details of this car to build it as a future car with some features that you can find in the latest hybrid engine.

However, 2015 Buick Riviera Concept is the designed that prepared to be true for a new car. The first thing that you can find in this concept car is that it comes with a glass with intensive fastback design which is angled at 14 degrees that balances the steeply raked windshield. Furthermore, you will also find that this car will be available with gull wing door that make this car look even more amazing. What you are going to find in this car is the look that mixed from the 1973 Mustang fastback with a current Aston Martin Vantage.

2015 buick riviera concept

Though it might look like just a merely concept car, this 2015 Buick Riviera Concept comes with interior and exterior design that seems to be do-able. Sandblasted aluminum with ebony and lava-colored suede in a bold style of traditional Chinese jade-inlaid wood will give it an exclusive look that will look match its modern exterior.

Other than the design of the car, the engine is also important detail that you need to also consider. You will find that 2015 Buick Riviera Concept comes with possibility to make a real future car. This car will be supported by its GM all new, dual-mode W-PHEV propulsion system. This design on the engine will allow the operator with either gas/electric hybrid modes or fully electric with this car.

Those details above might not be confirmed, but some of them will be very specific plan that will be real plan for real car. Though some of them seem to be very realistic plan on this car, some other details tell us that it is possible to build this car to be one of the most popular. Since this car has not been officially announced, there is no release date and estimated price for this 2015 Buick Riviera Concept, but car insurance will always be the most important thing to consider protecting your car and yourself.

2015 buick riviera release date

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