2015 BMW 7 Series Redesign and Specs

2015 bmw 7 series photos

2015 BMW 7 Series is the next generation of BMW 7 series. This new car has been spied for many photographers for the early speed test. You will see this car have a clad that looks like dummy panels and also the camouflage wrap. But sure the prototype of this car form can be easily guessed that the basic shape of this ca is more aggressive and sportier than the last model. The trademark will be ‘Hofmeister kink’, but sure it will look sleeker, C-pillar, sloping roofline that is more. This will really add the styles of this current BMW 7 Series.

2015 BMW 7 Series Appearance

2015 BMW 7 Series as you know that this new design is the model that is brought by BMW with large car of Mercedes Benz’ in the last of 70s and 80s. This BMW 7 Series has car may lost the reference of the Europe style that comes with luxurious and rich design, but this 7 series will continue to the fixture of Asia and U.S. actually, this new 7 series of BWM come to the competitor from Audi A8 and others. But sure, the war still continues.

new 2015 bmw 7 series

The platform of this 2015 BMW 7 Series will be easily looked from the design and concept. The platform will be as the first of the series of the rear-wheel-drive by BMWs to all new design and architecture that has been installed to this 7 series BMW. The nicer and more modern touches from the interior and exterior design of BMW styles will be the main brand of this BMW 7 series. Therefore, although this 2015 BMW 7 Series may have new design and concept but still the touches of BMW cannot be separated.

2015 BMW 7 Series Design and Concept

For the design and concept of 2015 BMW 7 Series can be easily looked from the interior and exterior design. Let start with the body of this BMW 7 series. The exterior touches it will be perfected with aluminum, steel and the carbon fiber. For the engine, it is said that his new BWM 7 series will take a hybrid system with V-8 or V-12 and an automatic eight-transmission. This 2015 BMW 7 Series will be released on the fall of 2015 for sure. It will be priced at $80,000.

Sure, some car companies including this 2015 BMW 7 Series will also suggest the car owner to have a car insurance program. It is because the insurance can be the one to protect the car and it can be also a safety reason for the unpredictable accident. Therefore, no wonder of the government will also have the law for every car owner to have the insurance.

the new bmw 7 series 2015

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