2015 BMW 225i Specs and Price

2015 BMW 225i specs
For 2015, BMW is going to release 2015 BMW 225i. Based on some rumors released, it will be the third generation of mini hardtop car that will have several features that are amazing. Based on some pictures released about the car, the car seems as promising as a great competitor in the auto market. Besides, there are some rumors released about the specification of car. From the first appearance, the car looks so small which is looked timid. However, there are some features that are secretly given to the car. These features can amaze any people who look at it.

First, let’s move to the exterior side of 2015 BMW 225i first. This car is included as front-wheel-drive car from BMW. From the first impression on its exterior, the car looks so sporty. It is completed with a cool front and rear lamp that is attached on body. Besides, there is also a rooftop for the car. At back, there is a big trunk that is large enough to place anything inside the trunk. The next part that will be discussed is interior. The cabin of this car looks so lovely.

2015 BMW 225i specs

From the inner side of 2015 BMW 225i, there are many things given inside to make any people feel comfortable while sitting inside. The first feature is a large screen that is placed on dashboard of car. It becomes a control panel for iDrive system. To access iDrive system, you can use a knob that is placed on front seat and voice command. In addition for the control panel, the other thing that makes the car looks so great is because of its seat. All seats are covered with high quality material. Based on some points above, the cabin looks so great to make any people can feel coziness of car.

Inside the hood, 2015 BMW 225i will have 2.0 liter four cylinder twin turbocharged that can create 231 HP. With this engine, the car can hit 62 mph in 6.6 seconds. Based on its engine, the car is equipped with strong power that can create amazing engine performance. This car is really suitable for any people who are looking for a city ride that has tons of great features. If you are going to buy it, don’t forget to get any car insurance like, AAA that can give protection to your car from any unwanted things that can be happened in future.


2015 BMW 225i price

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