2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback Redesign

2014 Volvo C30 redesign
It is rumored that the Volvo C30 will be discontinue for its production after 2013 and since then come 2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback. Just like last year production, this year Volvo still keep the same specification and design if we want to compare it with the latest 2013 product. If we want to recall back then the Volvo C30 was launch in 2006 and the company still make some progression to improve the latest model of Volvo C60 even now. Volvo car is a compact car model which produced by Swedish company. The car itself still has classic and traditional design which we always see since 2006 and it is enough for Volvo lover. But do not worry since the car improved with modern flair.

New 2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback Designs

2014 Volvo C30 canada

The 2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback has rear and front spoilers plus unique tail gate opening. Moreover, the car come with R design ground effects which make the car looks stunning. Even though the car has small appearance but still it can bring comfort for the driver and the passenger. It has maximum machine from turbocharged five cylinders engine. That is why the car is very fuel efficient since the estimate gas mileage is only 30 MPG. Anyway, the car can load four adult people and you still can bring your long and big items. The passenger will not feel cramped since it has two rear seats rather than usual three rear seats.

The Price for 2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback

The price of 2014 Volvo C30 Hatchback will not be much different with the 2013 Volvo C30 Hatchback. You can expect to spend money about twenty thousand dollars to get the car. The price can be said affordable since you will get good safety system from the car and great interior plus exterior design. Do not forget the quite engine too.

2014 Volvo C30 redesign

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2014 Volvo C30 price2014 Volvo C30 redesign2014 Volvo C30 canada
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